Your Weekly Careers Update Courtesy of Jack



There are two things I need to set out at the beginning.

  1. I am a student.
  2. I am being paid for this.

You wouldn’t believe me if I said otherwise.


The reason I have agreed to this is because it is a decent service and they managed to get me an internship lined up for the Summer. And I am being paid.

Each week (or there abouts) I shall be updating this with events you’re going to find very useful in the coming few weeks and a bit of general insider careers information. When I say insider, I mean information I have been given DIRECTLY from employers. I won’t be giving you the stuff you can get off Google by typing in ‘careers information’, or ‘careers inside tips’, or ‘how to get a job’. You’ll be getting what employers want and ways of getting it.

So stay tuned.




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